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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on November 18, 2015 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Flowers

Thanksgiving Cornucopias

cornucopiaThanksgiving is nearly upon us, and those hosting dinners are busily planning and preparing for the guests to arrive. Decisions regarding seating plans, choice of food to serve or how to decorate the table dominate thoughts, as the traditional meal edges ever closer. Classic centerpieces for the Thanksgiving meal often include the cornucopia.

Although the classic cornucopia is often considered a throwback to the first Plymouth Thanksgiving in 1621 – in actuality, the cornucopia has been in existence, and representing abundance and prosperity, long before the Pilgrims thought to give thanks. Dating back to 5 B.C., Greek mythology contains the first references to the cornucopia (literally ‘horn of plenty’) , where is was reported to be magical, a never ending source of provision.

The cornucopia probably became a fixture at the Thanksgiving celebration due to its inclusion in European harvest feasts. When the Pilgrims and Indians gathered for a 3 day meal to give thanks for a bountiful crop, it made sense to incorporate this traditional symbol from their homeland. Brimming with wild fruits and nuts, grains, vegetables and gourds, the basket would have been reminiscent of the Greek theme of abundance.

Zeidler’s Flowers Give Thanks Cornucopia makes a fitting and beautiful holiday centerpiece. Autumn blooms fill the basket to overflowing, and include lilies, roses, aster and carnations in vivid fall colors. Whether adorning your own holiday table, or as a hostess gift if you are traveling outside of Evansville, this floral display represents all the warmth of the season. We invite you to order online for easy delivery; or if you prefer, stop into our shop and we’ll help you design a centerpiece or bouquet of your own. However you choose to decorate your holiday table, we wish you a wonderful season surrounded by family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!