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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on December 15, 2015 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

The Classic Poinsettia

poinsettiaThe poinsettia’s star-shaped, vibrant red leaves can be spotted everywhere this time of year; it is the official décor of choice for churches, shopping malls, restaurants and homes. The poinsettia is arguably one of the most popular symbols of the season, as evidenced by the fact that Americans purchase more than $200 million worth of the prolific plant annually. These tropical flowers are grown in 100 different species, from the familiar potted plant to stalks over 12 feet tall. Native to Mexico, the flower has a part in the history of the Aztec Indians, who utilized the bloom in many ways, from medicinal to household dyes.

The vivid scarlet leaves of the poinsettia are actually not petals, as many people think. In reality, the bloom’s petals are the bright yellow buds in the center of the flower. Although the red variety of the poinsettia is most often seen this time of year, hues of white, pink and yellow are also available. The flowers bloom in the month of December, positioning them as our official holiday flower – but the Christmas association reaches much further back into Mexican legend. Tradition speaks of a poor young girl who could not afford a gift to offer to the baby Jesus. She placed a bouquet of weeds at His feet, and they miraculously transformed into a magnificent floral offering, the poinsettia.

To fill your home with holiday spirit, red and white Christmas poinsettias from Zeidler’s Flowers are the perfect choice. There are just a few simple rules to bringing this beautiful holiday plant home:

  • Keep the plant protected from cold weather
  • Place in indirect sunlight, and keep your home at about 70 degrees.
  • Keep the plant away from hot or cold blasts of air (heaters or opening doors)
  • Water the soil when it is dry; make sure it drain well with no standing water

Decorating for the Christmas season is as easy as ordering poinsettia plants from Zeidler’s Flowers. Don’t forget to also browse our holiday florals and gourmet gift baskets – with a little help from Zeidler’s, you’ll be ready for all the gatherings of the season. Happy Holidays!