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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on June 4, 2018 Flowers

Two Super Ideas For Your Super Dad

If you ask us at Zeidler’s Flowers, the challenge of shopping for Father’s Day need not be such a struggle. In fact, we’ve got two stellar ideas any dad would love, ensuring that you cover all your bases. And speaking of bases, it’s entirely possible to combine a little flower power with a love of the game, in the same way that a snack basket can be made as dad-centric as possible. Let us show you.

A truly inspired approach to floral design for dudes, Batter Up is both a handsome example of the form and a fun one. Long after the flowers have flourished, the baseball bat container makes a neat collectible for a desk.

A baseball bat novelty vase with konfetti roses and blue delphinium.

Combine flowers with The Munchies, an enticing basket of all the snacks a guy could ever want. Perfect to take to work for those long days or to keep around the house for movie night or Sunday noshing, this basket is filled with yummy goodies that will speak to his sweet tooth, along with his savory one.Study break, birthday, congrats, good luck, there are many things you can say with this gift.

Have fun giving him something delightful, fun and unexpected this year. You can combine these gifts with each other or something else, but either way, they won’t go unappreciated.