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Posted by Debbie Clark on January 28, 2016 Flowers Valentine'sDay

Using the Symbolism of Valentine’s Day Flowers to Express Your Romantic Feelings

flower meaningsBefore we know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. The Zeidler’s Flowers team is already gearing up for this big day for our industry, and we wouldn’t want any of our customers to miss the opportunity to use the Language of Flowers to express their romantic feelings to someone.


Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love and passion. There are other ways to express your feelings towards someone, and if you want to open your heart to reveal your deepest feelings, you can share your thoughts and send a touching message by choosing floral arrangements that include a mixture of different types of flowers and flower colors.

flower meanings

Sweet Dreams

If you feel utterly enchanted about someone for whom you are deeply in love, you might want to send them our lovely Sweet Dreams arrangement. The bouquet contains Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria,) a flower that symbolizes devotion, Stargazer lilies to represent aspirations for wealth and prosperity, red roses to convey your deep love for someone, and soft pink roses to express gentleness and admiration. This arrangement can show your deep affection for someone in a way that will touch their heart because of your thoughtfulness.

flower meanings

Romantic Rose Cube

A delightful cube that’s filled with red, pink and lavender roses suggests that you’re deeply in love with an enchanting person who makes you feel appreciative and grateful. That’s the message that our Romantic Rose Cube conveys through the three different rose colors. We chose to use seeded eucalyptus as an accent and then we tied a pink satin bow around the cube to finish the look.

flower meanings


Valentine’s day is a popular day for engagements. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day marriage proposal, then you certainly want to pull out all the stops and do it on such a grand scale that everyone who witnesses the occasion will hear the sound of virtual trumpets in their heads. That’s the impression that our Fascination arrangement gives people. We put 36 red roses in a clear glass bubble bowl and surround them with pure white hydrangea stems, and green hypericum berries as an accent. The combination of red roses and white hydrangeas symbolize that you’re sharing your heartfelt emotions in declaring your passionate love for someone as you ask them to marry you.


Valentine’s Day is an important occasion for anyone who is involved in a romantic relationship. When you choose the right flowers to express your feelings or deliver your intended message, you’re harnessing the power of the Language of Flowers in a tender, thoughtful and imaginative way.


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