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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on February 8, 2016 Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentine's dayAlthough we often think of true love as being a romantic emotion only, true love is simply a pure devotion to someone. In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, let’s think about all of the people in our life who are our “true loves”.


What is more pure, after all, than a mother’s love for her child; or in reverse, a child’s love for their mother? This may be one of the deepest loves we ever experience, a connection that cannot be broken by time or distance. Pink flowers, as a softer version of passionate red, stand for this type of love between family members; mothers and children as well as grandparents, cousins or siblings. This gorgeous bouquet of gerbera daisies, roses, lilies and snapdragons is a perfect expression of the extravagant love of the family bond.


valentine's dayOften we meet people throughout our lives who feel as much like family as our blood relatives themselves. The sacrificial and true love of a best friend is a special connection to be treasured; so this Valentine’s Day, send them your emotion in this vivid floral arrangement which features the traditional color of friendship, yellow. We’ve added in vibrant blooms that exemplify the joy they add to your life.

valentine's day


The special child in our life – whether son or daughter, niece or nephew – would love to receive a handpicked gift as well! Send our adorable Festive Big Hug to the littlest one who has stolen your heart – or if flowers aren’t appropriate – how about a fun balloon bouquet? These mylar balloons that profess your love for them will bring hours of fun for your favorite little Valentine. Don’t forget that these balloons also make a great addition to any floral arrangement you send to any of your true loves!



Valentine’s Day is all about love, so once you plan for your sweetheart’s gift, turn your thoughts to everyone who makes your life special! Let Zeidler’s Florist deliver the love throughout the Evansville area and beyond, letting everyone know how much you adore them.