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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 9, 2017 | Last Updated: September 14, 2017 Flowers

Welcoming New Neighbors to Evansville

new neighbors

Housewarming parties may not be a popular as they once were, but kindness and hospitality has not gone out of style! If you have new neighbors and want to welcome them and make them feel at home, the experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have a few recommendations sure to make a great first impression.
Blooming baskets and dish gardens bring all the beauty of the outdoors into their new home, and because each season is different – each arrangement is different! Choose your favorite flowers to overflow the container, or ask our designers which flowers are fresh in shop – we’d love to create a one-of-a-kind gift basket for the new arrivals. Remember, if they are moving into Evansville in spring, summer or fall months, baskets can be easily transported from indoor entrance ways to backyard patios.

new neighborsGreen plants are great gifts for all occasions, but are especially appropriate when giving housewarming gifts. Plants fit easily into any home decor, they add a lush, green aesthetic that i both soothing and serene – and they help to make the air in the home more clean and pure. Choose from potted green plants, succulents, or plant gift baskets.new neighbors

New neighbors arrive throughout the year, so how about choosing a seasonal gift that is decorative and festive? Choose autumn flowers and colors for the fall, or a holiday centerpiece for their December table – whatever the season, you can choose a gift that is also a lovely piece of home decor.


new neighborsJust because housewarming parties are less frequent doesn’t mean housewarming gifts have to be! Send a bouquet of flowers to your loved one who just closed on their new home, or a beautiful plant to the newest friends to arrive in the subdivision. You can trust Zeidler’s Flowers to provide the perfect gift ideas – after all, we have been helping Evansville residents to feel more at home for years.