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Zeidlers Flowers – Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersThe selection of flowers for a funeral or memorial service is generally determined by ones relationship to the deceased, or their family.

Casket Sprays and Funeral Crosses are traditionally chosen by close relatives, or whomever is given responsibility for funeral arrangements. Casket Sprays are designed to decorate coffins, and are available in a broad variety of sizes and styles, utilizing the types and colors of flowers chosen by the bereaved. Funeral Crosses are a focal point of the tributes at a memorial service and signify personal emotions and sentiments, often faith based.

When it comes to sending a tribute to the memorial service, you may wish to ask the funeral director if there is a theme or motif to the main arrangements. White lilies, roses and orchids are classic sympathy flowers, but some families opt for a more cheerful ambiance over somber and select yellow, red or lavender blooms.

Funeral sprays, wreaths and hearts are all ways to send a meaningful and striking remembrance to pay your respects. These arrangements are generally available in both traditional and contemporary floral designs, and reflect a deeply personal connection, full of love and affection.

The arrangements already discussed are traditionally sent directly to a funeral home or church where a service is being held. If you wished to send a personal bouquet or gift directly to the family residence, that is entirely appropriate. You can choose an arrangement that reflects your relationship with the deceased; roses for love and devotion; or daisies to signify friendship.
During these times it can be difficult to find the right things to say. A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a short heartfelt note will gracefully convey your love, affection or friendship during a difficult time. Call Zeidler’s of Evansville to speak to one of our florists about empathetic and meaningful sympathy flowers that will perfectly express your sentiments.