Zeidler's Flowers

Zeidler's Flowers

Posted by Debbie Clark on February 19, 2021 In the News

Zeidler’s Shares Inside Look at Valentine’s Day Sales

While couples are staying home this Valentine’s Day, roses are a popular choice for many new and returning Zeidler’s customers to keep some traditional romance alive. Diana Maddox of Zeidler’s Flowers shared with local NBC’s 14 News that although busy, their delivery schedule this year is a little less rushed compared to past years. As the romantic holiday is falling on a Sunday, the delivery of roses and other sentimental blooms can be spread out over three days and curbside pickup will be available through the weekend.


Diana Maddox talks to NBC's News 14

Video: Diana Maddox talks with 14 News


Zeidler's Flowers store on NBC's 14 News

Video: Inside Zeidler’s Flowers on 14 News