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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: January 29, 2021 Flowers

10 at-Home Romantic Activities to do for Valentine’s Day

Plans for going out on Valentine’s Day are getting derailed by the coronavirus this year, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of fun and romantic things you can do at home. If you find yourself at a loss for what to do this Valentine’s Day, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Zeidler’s Flowers, Evansville and Newburgh’s best florist, we love this holiday that celebrates love and have listed below some of our favorite at-home Valentine’s Day date-night ideas. Of course, the first thing you must always do on V-day is to present your partner with a gorgeous bouquet of Valentine’s flowers, then pair them with the activities below.

Create Valentine’s Day Romance in the Home

middle ages couple watch movie on couch

Watch Romantic Movies

Watching a beautiful love story and seeing the trials and tribulations that couples have to go through just to finally end up together can help reinforce the love bond in your relationship. From rom-coms to sweeping dramas, watching good love stories is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Scrabble board game with the scrabble tile spell Game Night

Game Night!

Add some fun and a little competition to Valentine’s Day by playing board games, video games, or trivia. Involve the whole family or stream with friends. Or, put on some comfy PJs, grab some wine, and make it an interesting game just between the two of you.

Young Couple Cooking Dinner in kitchen

Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Create a gourmet meal together that includes food you both like. Between seasoning, sauteeing, and chopping, sneak in some kisses and hugs to make this endeavor more romantic. Then, enjoy your delicious creation afterward.

Young Couple Dancing in their living room ballroom style

Take an Online Class Together

Sites like MasterClass.com, and YouTube offer numerous instructional classes from dancing to cooking, painting to acting. Find something you and your partner would love to know how to do and prepare for a fun and educational evening.

pretty purple vase contains red roses, pink alstroemeria, hot pink mini carnations, purple statice, pink spray roses, and waxflower.

All My Love

Hot pink roses are combined with stargazer lilies in a cylinder vase, and decorated with wire and gemstones. Elegantly simple, stylish, and very fragrant.

Reflections of Love – Hot Pink

Set the Mood

Make this day stand out from any other day by decorating your home with hearts, red decor, and beautiful bouquets of romantic fresh flowers. Add some candles, low lighting, romantic music playing softly, and you’ll have a romantic Valentine’s Day at home you’ll be sure to remember.

Couple Sitting Around a Fire outside in cold weather

Get Cozy by the Fire

Sitting around a fire is calm, relaxing, and a wonderful way to spend time with your partner. Enjoy being under the stars and let the intimate conversation just flow.

Couple in front of a computer writing in a notebook

Create a Bucket List Together

Have you and your partner create a bucket list of things you’d both like to see and do in your lifetime. You’re bound to be surprised by one or two of them. This a fun activity that will bring you closer together as a couple.

Handmade Valentine's Day card with two pink birds

Make Cards

Save your money and create your own cards from the heart. Hand-crafted Valentine’s Day cards are special treasures you’ll want to keep forever.

Spread the Love

Woman smiling at her bouquet of red roses

Send or Give Flowers

Spread the love to those who may need a little pick me up this season. Flowers brighten everyone’s day, so why not let your neighbor, family member, friend, or coworker know they are special too by sending them beautiful seasonal flowers.

Someone giving someone else a pink rose

Pay It Forward

Give someone a compliment, pay for their coffee, or spread some Valentine’s Day love by passing our flowers. Small gestures of kindness like these have a big impact.

Woman reading book in tub

Love Yourself

Celebrating V-Day alone this year? Then splurge on yourself! Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, a nice book, binge watch a favorite show, and buy yourself flowers.