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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

A Month All About Roses

rosesJune is a month that is often packed with events – from graduations to Father’s Day, and the multitude of weddings that take place this month. There are so many reasons to celebrate, and so many reasons to send flowers to those we love.

Roses have been treasured throughout history, with queens like Cleopatra and the Empress Josephine Bonaparte both creating extensive rose gardens. They have places of honor in mythology and history and have long been considered the most coveted bloom. To this day, giving roses is an expression of deep devotion or intense sentiment – whether given to a friend, a love interest or a parent, they always show that the recipient is very special.

rosesFor those celebrating birthdays, the birth flower of the month is the exquisite rose. Roses come in a wide spectrum of hues, and allow you to create bouquets that are festive and colorful – perfect for a birthday party! Don’t forget to add a balloon or gift basket to make it a truly special delivery.

rosesIn addition to being the birth flower of June, the rose also has a day set aside to honor its special place in our hearts. Red Rose Day, observed on June 12, was created by those who love and appreciate the red rose – gardeners, botanists, and florists – .to recognize the most prestigious of the roses. This day is an excellent opportunity to send this special flower to someone in your life who also cherishes the red blossom. The white rose plays an important role in June, as one of the most popular wedding flowers chosen by brides. The white rose was considered the most romantic of flowers at one time, but eventually, the red rose took over that honor. Still, the purity and innocence that the white rose embodies make it a perfect blossom for ceremonies.

Birthday roses, red roses, white roses – the month of June is all about the rose! And Zeidler’s Flowers has every type, every color and every arrangement you need – so stop in today, and let’s talk about how to make June more beautiful, with roses.