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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on May 9, 2014 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

Create the Perfect Bouquet For Mother’s Day

It may be a bit cliche to say that women like getting flowers, but it’s true, especially mothers.  Giving your mom the perfect bouquet on Mother’s Day will put a huge smile on both of your faces.  Every flower holds its own special meaning, so how do you know which ones are the best blooms to give your mom on her special day?

Naturally, you should take into consideration if she has a favorite flower, you can then use that flower to build a special bouquet.  If your mom doesn’t have a favorite flower, or if you aren’t sure what her favorite is, you can also use the flower associated with her birth month.  Each month has a flower associated with it, and each of them have a particular meaning behind them.

Besides the rose, which is always an elegant choice, there are also many flowers which are commonly given and associated with Mother’s Day, here are a few that would complement a bouquet for your mom and what they represent:

  • Lilacs: Symbolic of the love between a mother and her child
  • Irises: Symbolizes affection and warmth, there are many hues of Irises, but blue and white are most often given on Mother’s Day.
  • Orchids: In China they represent many children, they also represent refinement and beauty.
  • Carnations: These are perhaps the most traditional flowers for moms because they represent a mother’s eternal love for her children
  • Tulips: A bright and beautiful bloom, the tulip is a popular choice on this holiday since they represent new life and charity

There are many more types of flowers that you can incorporate into a stunning bouquet.  Some other ideas you can choose:

  • Say it with color, use your mom’s favorite color to build an arrangement filled with different flowers with varying shades of her favorite hue
  • Replicate an arrangement that has significance to her. It could be her wedding bouquet, an arrangement she was given when you were born, or a gift from another occasion, anything that would have significant personal symbolism to her or your family
  • Use your birth months flower.  You could create a bouquet using your birth month flowers, along with your mothers, and any siblings or children you have to show the beauty of your family with all the blooms blended together

No matter which way you choose, flowers aren’t just a pretty gift to give when you can’t think of another option, they can be highly personalized and meaningful if you just take a little extra time to plan out what you want to convey.

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