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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on October 30, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Flowers

An Evansville Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a holiday overflowing with tradition – whether customs that have developed historically or those within our own family, we all cherish the special memories that this warm holiday conjures up. For over 100 years, Zeidler’s Flowers has been an Evansville tradition year-round and is the premier source of holiday decor and florals for your table.

A Long-Held Tradition:

Zeidler’s Flowers was in operation prior to even some of our more beloved Thanksgiving tradition and customs. While the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade began in 1924, and Thanksgiving football was established in 1934 – we have been in continuous operation since 1900, making your local flower shop an established tradition.

A Family Tradition:

Debbie Clark handles the marketing department at Zeidler’s Flowers, and shares her family’s Thanksgiving tradition. “My family has Thanksgiving in a barn. A very large, heated and cooled pole barn, but none the less, a barn! The kids have lots of room to run and play – and this year we are also going to ride the Polar Express in French Lick over Thanksgiving weekend!”

Thanksgiving tradition
Thanksgiving tradition
Thanksgiving Tradition

A Community Tradition

The Easter Seals Fantasy of Lights is one of our favorite winter traditions and most important fund-raising events. Held in Garvin Park, the event begins Thanksgiving Weekend. Another great event right here in our neighborhood is the 83rd Annual Hadi Shrine Circus at the Ford Center, Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, November 27th.

A Turkey Tradition:

No one is really sure how the turkey received the dubious honor of being the Thanksgiving bird. Most think that because it was plentiful, easy to hunt and large enough to feed a community, that it earned its spot. Pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey began with President John F. Kennedy, who famously stated “Let’s just let this one live” when he was presented with his prospective meal.

Gathering with family and feasting on a large meal is perhaps the most enduring Thanksgiving tradition. What began as a meal of gratitude in 1621 has grown to one of our most cherished customs. Getting together to reflect on the many good things in our life is a meaningful way to step back from the craziness of life and simply be with our loved ones. Zeidler’s Flowers of Evansville is honored to be a small part of so many Evansville family traditions – call us today for the beautiful flower arrangements and stunning floral centerpieces that will add color to your table.