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The Best Blooms to Mark International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8, calls upon us to honor the influential women we know personally and those across the world. These remarkable people, alongside the support of our communities, allow us to go after our dreams and surmount challenges. This day is also an occasion to elevate female voices and shine a light on issues that matter. To demonstrate your enduring support on IWD, send a fresh flower arrangement in the day’s designated colors — white (indicating purity), green (symbolic of hope), purple (a symbol of dignity, justice, and loyalty to the cause) — to those who have smoothed the path before you. At Zeidler’s Flowers in Evansville, Indiana, we stand ready to assist you in conveying recognition, love, and gratitude with a fitting floral arrangement for those who inspire you most.


Roses are highly valued in floral culture because of their elegance and their ability to send a broad array of messages and emotions. They have universal appeal, making them a wonderful International Women’s Day present. Your choice of hues for the blooms provides a means to express your sentiments through the language of color. Or, send purple and white roses with bright green leaves — the official IWD colors — in a floral arrangement fitting for any recipient on this day. In either scenario, your considerate gesture is bound to make your recipient feel cherished.


On International Women’s Day, consider gifting tulips to those you revere and admire. They’re representatives of thankfulness, charity, and renewal, which makes them a sincere way to show honor and respect. The many tulip forms mirror the numerous achievements of women making remarkable strides worldwide. Tulips are also available in a host of colors, which lets you convey customized messages, from sincere friendship with yellow blossoms to admiration with red blossoms. The early timing of their bloom in springtime resonates with the season, bringing a joyful energy that points to brighter days ahead.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies hold significance as a gift choice for International Women’s Day, honoring the impactful individuals who’ve influenced our lives and supported our accomplishments. Beyond their bold colors and cheerful energy, gerbera daisies represent the strength of women worldwide and their allies. The layered petals symbolize every woman’s multiple achievements, skills, and diverse traits. Including gerbera daisies in a floral design shows deep admiration, acknowledges valuable contributions, and expresses thankfulness for the value the recipient offers the world.


Peonies are symbolic of prosperity, which is why they are ideal additions to floral bouquets for International Women’s Day. They promote success and improve your odds, bringing favorable outcomes to anyone who gets them as a gift. Peonies are known for their longevity in a vase, extending the time you can relish your bouquet. Their hearty blossoms bring to mind the tenacious spirit of women and the way their impact resonates within their communities. Peonies also convey compassion, love, and honor, emotions we hold for the women and allies we pay homage to on IWD.


Orchids are a sophisticated choice for celebrating those you admire on International Women’s Day. With a wide selection of hues and types to choose from, you can craft a personalized gift that reflects their style and personality. Whether a pretty phalaenopsis or an elegant oncidium plant, their modern and minimalist elegance effortlessly complements any decor. Alternatively, an orchid arrangement is an excellent choice for folks who would like a bouquet of cut flowers instead of a plant. Whatever you select, it’s a thoughtful way to convey appreciation for all they do on IWD.

Mimosa Flower

Because of their impactful symbolism, mimosa flowers — representatives of sensibility, strength, and sensitivity — are the ambassador blooms of International Women’s Day. These blossoms, also known by the name of silver wattle, add sunshine and radiance to all sorts of bouquets. However, you can invoke the same warming energy with other flowers. For one, yellow chrysanthemums, when combined with warm accent blooms like wax flower, yellow alstroemeria, gold aster, and goldenrod, create a stunning design when arranged with fresh greenery. As a fun bonus, these flowers symbolize trust, friendship, and joy. Another possibility is to let yellow daisies be the standout flower to get the same result.

At Zeidler’s Flowers, we share the tradition of gifting flower arrangements on International Women’s Day, recognizing its profound significance. It’s more than a bouquet; it’s a powerful symbol of appreciation and a declaration of support for the women and supporters who inspire us.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day