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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on September 3, 2020 | Last Updated: January 10, 2022 Flowers

Send A Luxury Item Along With Flowers

shades of purple, fuschia, and lavender. Moody Blues roses, a stargazer lily, daisies, carnations, stock and more, are arranged in a clear glass vase, with a purple ribbon. This fresh, fragrant bouquet is everything you expect, and so pleasing to the eye! The standard version measures approximately 12" W x 19" H, the deluxe 13" W x 20" H. Evansville metro delivery only.

Ooh La La!

We all know flowers are a great gift to send someone. After all, they have proven health benefits, are beautiful and are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Flowers are perfect for all occasions. Sometimes, though, there’ll be moments when you want to include a little something extra to go with them.

Here at Zeidler’s Flowers, Evansville and Newburgh’s premier florist, we offer an assortment of unique gifts to add to your flower order. You’ll also find below a list of items that are perfect to pair with flowers for a romantic night she won’t forget.

Romantic Gifts to Include with Flowers

A plate of chocolate truffles

Fresh-Baked Goods or Chocolates

For something different and tasty, include some delicious fresh-baked treats made by a local business in your area. The choices are endless… from chocolate chip cookies to fudge, brownies, truffles, or cake! Fresh-baked goodies plus flowers are a fabulous combination.

bathbombs with flowers in background

Spa Essentials

Scented soaps, bath bombs, and lotions are excellent items that go well with flowers. Just as relishing in the sweet scent of flowers brings about calm and tranquility, so too do perfumed spa items that make you relax when using them. Color-match the spa items with flowers from the bouquet for a bonus treat.

Essential oil, Rose flower, Rose perfume on pink background, spa aromatherapy


Women love to smell good. Some have one signature scent while others like to play around for many and wear them based on their mood. Make your SO smell as good as the flowers you give by picking up her favorite perfume or giving her something new to try. Perfume and flowers are perfect for fragrance lovers.

diamond necklace on flowers


Receiving jewelry is always amazing and can be even more spectacular when coupled with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Dazzling diamonds and gorgeous blooms is any girl’s dream come true.

wine bottle with flowers

Bottle of Wine

Another dream come true is arriving home after a long workday to a gorgeous bouquet of colorful and fragrant blooms paired with a nice bottle of wine. Sipping wine while cherishing fresh, lovely flowers is a terrific way to relax!

3 pink candles with puple carnations


Candles improve the ambiance of any space, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers does the exact same thing. Pair the two together to create a truly magical moment.

There are many gifts that pair well with flowers because flowers go with everything! They are the perfect gifts and make everything just so much better. The next time you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with a gift and a beautiful bouquet of blooms, peruse our online selection of floral arrangements for the best quality fresh flowers around.