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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on October 10, 2023 Flowers

Unique Gift Experiences and Holiday Presents For Everyone on Your Shopping List

What are your most beloved holiday rituals and traditions? Do you bring the whole family together at an Airbnb for a week of cooking tasty meals and watching festive films? Or do you usually have to navigate a whirlwind of parties and shopping for presents? This year, save yourself valuable time and surprise your loved ones with something fresh and new: a fun floral design class. Few things make us think of the spirit of giving as flowers do, and experiences often hold more enduring value than material possessions. At Zeidler’s Flowers, the top florist in Evansville, Indiana, we believe a workshop is the perfect gift for anyone, regardless of age or artistic prowess. There’s something enjoyable and satisfying for everyone, from kids to adults and everyone in between.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

Moms and parents are always in high gear during the holiday season, managing the gift shopping for their kids, loved ones, and coworkers. How about giving them a thoughtful gift: a flower design class? It’s a fun and engaging way to allow them a moment of respite from their holiday responsibilities and encourage self-care. They can relish their preferred beverage, whether it’s an adult beverage or not, surrounded by the healing benefits of flowers. Connect with your local flower shop to explore their class offerings or inquire about arranging a customized session. It could become a regular hobby that’s satisfying and wholesome, bringing out their inner artist.

Experiences to Gift Friends

Consider a private floral arranging workshop if you want an enjoyable and rejuvenating activity to share with your closest friends this holiday season. Sit around a table, catch up on the year’s events, and revel in each other’s laughter. Embrace your creative instincts as you create flower crowns or other floral arrangements that reflect your preferences. And, of course, don’t forget to play holiday music to set the mood. Coming together for artistic endeavors and strengthening your enduring friendships could become the holiday tradition that fills you with festive joy every year.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Parents always seek activities that allow their children to express their artistry and deepen their connection with the natural world. One fantastic way for kids to engage their imagination and discover the beauty of flowers is by participating in a workshop centered around the floral arts. It’s a source of enjoyment as children can hold and experience fresh blooms, appreciating their dazzling colors and delightful fragrances. In these workshops, children can craft colorful gifts for family members and beloved teachers, creating artwork with pressed petals and designing little floral arrangements. Those with a flair for creativity can even create stylish floral accessories like corsages, leis, and boutonnieres that everyone can admire.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

While many of us spend about 40 hours weekly in our offices with our colleagues, the holiday season opens doors to making more personal connections. Working together on a creative activity is a great way to bond with your coworkers while getting into the season’s spirit. In this scenario, rather than a floral workshop, come together to create a succulent garden or plant terrarium. Researchers have shown that having green plants where you work can result in more creativity, improved productivity, and cleaner air to breathe. As a bonus, succulents and terrariums require minimal care, making them an excellent fit for the office.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

While the holiday season is typically centered on family, many couples enjoy spending time solo to deepen their romantic connection. Enrolling in a flower design class is a fantastic way for partners to bond in a beautiful setting. Here, you can each play to your strengths and talents; one can choose the most beautiful flowers, while the other can excel in arranging them in the vase. It’s more than just presenting your partner with blooms; it’s a joyful and collaborative effort. It also provides an opportunity to enhance your communication skills, work together, and enjoy the beautiful art you make together.

As you prepare to celebrate the holidays, remember that the best gifts nurture your bonds with your loved ones. These floral experiences do just that, making the season brighter and more beautiful. Let Zeidler’s Flowers help you get started on your list.

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