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Posted by Zeidler’s Flowers on November 14, 2022 | Last Updated: November 18, 2022 Flowers

Festive Red Flowers to Brighten Your Home for Fall and Winter

As the winter season approaches, vibrant red flowers become a more enticing choice to celebrate the season and energize, reinvigorate and revitalize your mood at home. Whether you’re celebrating the cold of winter or falling into a seasonal slump, the color red has intensity and power that gives it a unique appearance that represents an array of emotions from love and passion to anger and power. Here at Evansville’s top florist shop, Zeidler’s Flowers, we love red flowers for their hypnotizing beauty, warmth, and joy to counter the frosty cold.

We’re listing our top 10 red blossoms for fall and winter to warm up those bleak cold days.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

The color red has an epic history spanning human history with roots found in the red clay, which was ground up and used to paint on cave walls, the oldest recorded example of human art. Since then, it has found a home in civilizations across the world with varying meanings, from love, passion, and romance in recent history to holy blood, life, war, wealth, power, danger, lust, adventure, etc. In the west, when paired with green, it has come to symbolize the positivity and festivity of the holiday season, and paired with blue and white symbolizes patriotism in Republics around the world.

The intensity and vivacity of these ruby beauties are impossible to ignore. See how your home transforms around an arrangement of joyful and warming red flowers.

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


A representation of love and an inspiration to many iconic painters, the red Anemone is a striking example of the beauty found in simplicity.


A fun bloom that’s daisy-like in appearance and accordingly stands as a symbol of undying devotion.


The definitive flower of fall, the chrysanthemum or “red mum,” symbolizes love and passion that is perfectly fitting for the holiday season.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies come in many colors, but the red variant is one of the boldest and lovely to behold as it represents complete immersion in love.


Zinnia’s are beautiful and bold, symbolizing the bountiful beating of the heart of someone in love.


This stunning natural trumpet is a showstopper! Symbolizing radiant beauty, the amaryllis brings a hypnotizing light and beauty that will enhance any space.


A vibrant red spathe of a flower, the Anthurium signifies love and admiration to those who receive it, and its striking appearance will certainly enhance any space it is brought into.


The carnation is a frilly, lush, and pretty red flower known for representing deep love and affection.


Perhaps the most famous flower in the world, red roses are deeply rooted in the symbolism of love, romance, and passion, but that’s not all they have to be. Don’t be deterred from enjoying their beauty and lovely fragrance during the holiday season.


Like the rose, sweetpeas are delicate and fragrant flowers however, sweetpeas are known for their fun energy and for representing bliss and serene pleasure.

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

The red Christmas flower or the Christmas star is the most famous winter plant and is most commonly known by the name poinsettia. The poinsettia plant is difficult to avoid during the holidays due to its prevalence and the striking nature of its bright red bracts and dark green leaves, giving it the perfect color combination to represent Christmas! With its cheery and bright appearance, it’s the perfect plant to fill your home with joy and festivity or greet your guests with a warm welcome. Plus, when cared for properly, poinsettias can rebloom year after year!

Brighten your home this fall and winter with decorative fresh red blooms from Zeidler’s Flowers. Red Flowers make great gifts to friends, family, and loved ones who could use a colorful boost of seasonal joy and to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Start shopping our collection of beautiful and festive red blooms now!