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Dreaming Up A Modern Thanksgiving Table

It's the perfect time to revisit the fine art of making a beautiful (and serviceable) Thanksgiving table. You may have how to set up the silverware nailed down, but there are other things to consider, starting with how many guests you'll have. Once you've got that number, you can have some fun creating place cards, if you're going the formal route. If not, you can begin to scale your table to the number, adding an extension, seating or a kids table if necessary. Place the serveware you'll be using on the table in advance; this kind of "dinner rehearsal" will really let you see where you can bring in other decor, including your centerpiece flowers. Read More about Dreaming Up A Modern Thanksgiving Table »
Posted by Debbie Clark on November 5, 2018 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with our loved ones and count our blessings, preferably around a table set with a feast. During the season of abundance, we love to pull out all the stops, offering the best from our kitchens and our hearts to those who have come to spend time with us. We want to decorate the house, light the candles and trim the tree, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort for all who enter our homes. We at Zeidler's Flowers embrace the opportunity to help set the tone for you and yours this year, and there's no better way to do that than to offer you some beautiful centerpiece flowers. Read More about Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces »
Posted by Debbie Clark on November 13, 2017 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

An Evansville Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a holiday overflowing with tradition - whether customs that have developed historically or those within our own family, we all cherish the special memories that this warm holiday conjures up. For over 100 years, Zeidler's Flowers has been an Evansville tradition year-round¬†and is the premier source of holiday decor and florals for your table. Read More about An Evansville Thanksgiving Tradition »
Posted by Debbie Clark on October 30, 2016 Thanksgiving