Our Flower Experts And Moms Share All

In honor of Mother’s Day, Zeidler’s Flowers asked our in-house experts—both in florals and mothering—to share their experience in both raising kids and working with flowers, two of our favorite topics.

Audrey Baker, Sales Service Manager

Audrey’s kids: Cillian, 12, and Morgana, 6

Elizabeth Odom, Designer & Assistant Design Manager

Elizabeth’s kids: Heather, 31, & Taylor, 18

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A Bright Idea For Graduation

Zeidler’s Flowers is ready to celebrate our latest crop of local high school graduates, putting flowers in the hands of our young scholars to commemorate one of the biggest achievements of their lives. The ceremonies, proms, parties and other events surrounding the end of the school year are customarily steeped in flowers—worn on the lapel to dances, given in token at prom, offered with congratulations the night of graduation. For many of our young people, these will be some of the first flowers they receive (or give), making them one of the most memorable flower exchanges of their lives.

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A Sweet Succulent For The Super Ladies In Your Life

May is for mothers, we know this, but did you also know it’s for nurses and teachers, too?

National Nurses Day and National Teachers Day have been around for decades, and this year, the week of May 6 through May 12 is officially dedicated to appreciating these remarkable people. These fields are dominated by women, but not just any women—these are often unsung heroes, the ones who educate, heal, nurture, protect and otherwise empower the rest of us. Zeidler’s Flowers thinks they deserve our thanks all year long, but this week, it’s particularly important to put something in their hands that will express what’s in your heart.

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Make Earth Day 2018 Count

Amid all of the Evansville events designed to celebrate our glorious planet this Earth Day, we here at Zeidler’s Flowers want to recommend one more. We think a fitting tribute to Earth on April 22 would be to bring a bit of it into your own home and grow it into something grand. Spend the day recycling, planting, cleaning up or learning more about how we can preserve our beautiful planet, and then bring home a little piece of it with you. Growing something in your own patch of the world promotes environmental awareness among your family, giving your kids an important lesson in how to cultivate something green and alive.

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Help Your Desktop to Go From Sad To Stunning

Administrative Professionals Day is on its way! It falls within the last full week of April every year, which is Administrative Professionals’ Week. This is the perfect time to focus on “Desktop Awareness” and making your desktop better than ever before with creative, inspiring arrangements from Zeidler’s Flowers.

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A Refreshing Way to Start Spring

Springtime is officially here, and if you are like most people coming out of the long winter, then you are craving a springtime refresh in your life. At Zeidler’s Flowers, our professional florists can help you top off a spring cleaning of your home, reorganization of your office or simply help you incorporate a little more of the season’s renewal with fresh, fragrant, and cheerful springtime flowers and potted plants.

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Flower Baskets For Easter

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 1. It seems early this year, but it always falls on Sunday after the full moon and after the first day of Spring. That means, we can expect Easter to occur sometime between March 22 and April 25th. Perhaps you feel like Easter can’t come so soon because we’ve only had teases of spring so far this year. When you’re fed up with winter, there’s only one solution. Turn to flowers. You can count on a team of experienced floral designers at Zeidler’s Flowers to come up with a vast selection of gorgeous cut flower arrangements to fill your home and workplace.

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Capture The Scent Of Spring In Your Space

The snow-white beauty of winter can only hold our interest for so long before we begin to yearn for the colorful, blooming, and fertile beauty of springtime flowers. The delicate scent of hyacinth flowers are a sure sign that spring has arrived, and your spring will look lovely with a vase of spring flowers from Zeidler’s Flowers.

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Daffodils Bring Spring Back

When winter finally recedes, one of the most potent, iconic and cheerful symbols of spring is the daffodil. With its bright golden petals and distinctive shape, this flower can instantly lift the spirits and light up a room. The Fresh Cut Daffodils bouquet from Zeidler’s Flowers brings this radiant energy to anyone fortunate enough to receive them.

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Give Them Something That Blooms This International Women’s Day

On March 8, 2018, people throughout the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations urges people to use the day to support activism and promote gender equality. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we also see International Women’s Day as a day on which to acknowledge and appreciate the women in our lives and to thank them for all they do. This can be our spouses, girlfriends, coworkers, neighbors, close friends, or any woman whose presence in our lives is valuable and meaningful.

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